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    Page breaks incorrect


      Hi There,


      I have to find out how to correct my page breaks in FileMaker. On my Mac I set it to A4 which is 210mm X 297mm, yet the page break on my FileMaker has the dotted line at about 197mm. I normally have my settings on points and only saw when I switched to cm that the dotted line is not sitting on 210mm.


      I have just gone over a few layouts that my developer did and couldn't figure out why all his layouts  were just a tad to big. So I was going to get him to change all the layouts, when I noticed that on his Window's machine the layouts were all correct.


      This is pretty frustrating, as now I don't know if other layouts of mine have been incorrectly sized.

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          My mistake. Turns out my one old HP printer was never installed properly. All I had done was enter the IP address of the printer and my Mac found the printer and started printing, so I never bothered to download the drivers for the printer. I used a different printer with borderless printing and then the lines came out correctly.