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Layout with just two portals of the same table

Question asked by keithstehlik on Jun 6, 2016
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I am trying to create a switchboard layout that users will first see when logging into the solution. It would just have two portals on it

of the same table. The first portal Category will show choices based on the persons user privilege set

The second Option will change based on what is chosen in the first portal. I believe I can do this thru portal filtering.

The table has 6 fields

My first problem is to get the portals to fill with anything. If I base the layout on the table tblDropDown I can't make the portals of the same table.

I have a global table so i created a connection field in it and tblDropDown, created a relationship between the two and based the layout on the global table. I can than add the portals to it. I have not tried filtering yet but the portals show empty.


What am I doing wrong?