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    Academic Project Database


      Hi all!

      I'm incredibly new to filemaker, but i've been asked by my professor to assemble a database of projects that our lab has been working on and I'm stuck on how to go about this. The task is essentially this:

      Gather all unfinished projects, with associated literature and data, and compile it into a neat database, where you can just click on the project and see a description and the data that has been collected for it.


      So I've created a list of the projects, and their descriptions and their investigators and their literature, and I have all of their data. The only problem is that there are multiple spreadsheets of data that have next to nothing to do with each other. The projects involve numerous studies and have multiple surveys that ask different things.


      What I want, Ideally, is a list layout of the projects (each project is a record) with a button that takes you to another lay out with the descriptions, and yet another button(s) that take you to the survey description and response data.


      Any tips on how to make this happen?



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          List view is great for search results and looking at record data at-a-glance.


          Form View will give you a place to jump to a specific project and potentially display all of the data from related records in Portals.


          A few things for you to look into that should get you moving.


          1. Relationships - Projects table is related to all of these other tables. Most of the other tables may just need to store the ProjectID. That is how FM knows they are 'related'. Then you make the connection on the relationship graph.

          2. List view. When moving between list view and, either, another list or form view... Go To Related Record ( affectionately known as GTRR ) will be your friend. You may actually find more posts if you search for GTRR rather than go to related records.

          3. Portals. FM's way to show you related data in another table. Will also be a close companion.