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Serial Number Group Upload and Popups!

Question asked by RolandGomez on Jun 6, 2016
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Hello Everyone!

     A little bit of a stump and I'm sure for you pros out there this won't be too difficult. So here we go...


     I am uploading loads of data into filemaker (real estate transactions). Each record is being assigned a serial number automatically. No problem, works like a charm. These transactions I have a few hundred calculations happening to each one individually to obtain some pretty sweet income tax saving data. We then turn around and print them out, mail them out, and call the property owners to see if they're interested in our services. Score, right? Right. Okay so here's the two little things I need to track (I'm trying to have the foresight for future issues):


     1) I need to be able to essentially assign a GROUP serial number. In other words, which group is this particular record apart of? Was it my first upload? second upload? 45th upload?  Obviously I can just insert this into the excel file and upload this particular piece of information, but let's pretend I am no longer working at this company in a few months...will the next person no to do this? nope. I need a script to handle this automatically. So my next upload...all 500 records have the same "group ID record". This will be greatly beneficial to search at a later date. I guess I could just search by date created...


     2) Duplicates. This is an easy one right? Search, go to field, insert "!" into a field, bam they show up. Fine whatever...but what about a pop up after the upload that requires an individual to view these particular records that are duplicates? Pop ups, how do I do that?????


Thanks for any help you may be able to provide!!!


best regards,