Extracting Text From Field: Advanced

Discussion created by James_L on Jun 7, 2016
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I've imported a massive data-set, and I have a field:


that contains data most often in this form:


55555  8019 Elm (Peggy)


where I want to break the various parts apart into separate fields.

(1) The leftmost data (5555): no problem.  LeftWord snared it up to the first space. 


(2) The  contact name "Peggy": no problem: the parentheses made  that easy.


(3)  The municipal address "8019": I cannot seem to capture that.


(4) The street name: "Elm."  I cannot seem to capture that.


Suggestions?   Bonus points if it doesn't matter whether there's one space or two between the various parts: data-entry was uneven.