FMS Accumulating Disconnected Client Sessions

Discussion created by sgripman on Jun 7, 2016
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I've got some perplexing FMS 13 behavior I've never seen or heard of before. Several times, after a planned restart of a client's FM server computer (gracefully closing all hosted files and stopping services), some users will experience hangs. They'll force quit FMP and start over. It might affect a given user two or three times before they settle into a stable session.


Normally FMS closes lost connections and all remains well. But after a restart of this particular computer, those sessions are not getting cleared out. They accumulate, each one keeping a remote call in progress. As time goes on, phantom users and remote calls pile up and general performance gradually degrades.


Normally users are listed in the FMS Admin by account name. Phantom users listings' often change to "Account Name [User Name] {IP Address}". If I disconnect a phantom user the session and remote call still don't go away, but the user name might change to something like "{6789/1}".


Correcting the problem requires closing all hosted files, stopping all services in the admin, killing all FMS related processes and reopening them without restarting the computer.


Upgrades for the OS and FMS version are in the planning stages and while I'm hopeful that may blunt the issue, I'd appreciate knowing if anyone else has encountered something like this and has a take on what's happening.


Many thanks!


FMS Version

Mac OS 10.8.5

Mac Mini 2.6 GHz i7, 16GB, SSD


Phantom Users Graphed.png

stuck remote calls.png