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    FMS Accumulating Disconnected Client Sessions


      I've got some perplexing FMS 13 behavior I've never seen or heard of before. Several times, after a planned restart of a client's FM server computer (gracefully closing all hosted files and stopping services), some users will experience hangs. They'll force quit FMP and start over. It might affect a given user two or three times before they settle into a stable session.


      Normally FMS closes lost connections and all remains well. But after a restart of this particular computer, those sessions are not getting cleared out. They accumulate, each one keeping a remote call in progress. As time goes on, phantom users and remote calls pile up and general performance gradually degrades.


      Normally users are listed in the FMS Admin by account name. Phantom users listings' often change to "Account Name [User Name] {IP Address}". If I disconnect a phantom user the session and remote call still don't go away, but the user name might change to something like "{6789/1}".


      Correcting the problem requires closing all hosted files, stopping all services in the admin, killing all FMS related processes and reopening them without restarting the computer.


      Upgrades for the OS and FMS version are in the planning stages and while I'm hopeful that may blunt the issue, I'd appreciate knowing if anyone else has encountered something like this and has a take on what's happening.


      Many thanks!


      FMS Version

      Mac OS 10.8.5

      Mac Mini 2.6 GHz i7, 16GB, SSD


      Phantom Users Graphed.png

      stuck remote calls.png

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          Thank you for your post.


          We do have some previous reports of this issue. It may be due to an update issue. It is reportedly resolved by:

          -Uninstalling FileMaker Server

          -Renaming FileMaker Server folder

          -Reboot the machine

          -Download the most recent installer (



          I will also add this thread to the report and let you know if we obtain any further information!



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            TSPigeon, thanks for your input. I'll give that a shot.

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              Just out of the blue we got this problem at one of our customers. They have 140 licenses in an ASLA. Usually a the maximum peak during a day is between 70 and 100. Most of the time around 80 people are connected + 2 robot. Friday afternoon when everybody need to do their final time billing for the week we have seen peeks up to 130 users.


              I have set the max. number of users to 160 (140 is the actual license limit), but allowing for some not being disconnected fast enough.


              But two weeks ago the alarm bells rang. When users tried to connect they where rejected. The dialog said that the max number of users was reached.


              An existing group of less than 140 people was able to take up 160 connections (not talking about license connections).


              It is was not acceptable to restart the server, so I increased the permitted max to 200. And expected the problem to go away over night.


              Next day the bells rang again: Now 200 users was connected out of less than 140 possible:-)r


              Due to the fact that restart was out of the question I increased the max. limit to 300 and had somebody from the FileMaker development team at the company restarting the server during the night.


              24 hours after more than 250 users was connected. At 5 in the morning!


              Instead of restarting again I selected all the users and disconnected them from the server.


              They did not get disconnected as I would have expected, more than one hour after there was nearly 300 connected users (the people coming in for work adding to the list).


              But then the miracle happened, at around 9 the number dropped to the actual number of connected users and the many ghost users disappeared.


              I waited a week before setting the max. number down to 160.


              It was the first time I experienced this problem and it seem to have gone away again. Knock under wood


              FileMaker Server 14.0v2 (updating to v4 now*).

              Windows Server 2012R2

              Many processors, 64 GB ram, SSD server class disk for databases.


              Best regards




              *Will upgrade to 15 during the summer, most important because of the performance improvements

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                Thanks for sharing your experience CarstenLevin. Sounds very much like my situation. Did you happen to notice remote calls in progress stack up? Were there any user complaints about database performance? While I didn't get complaints, I did see the wait times and elapsed times get up above 10 million microseconds.

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                  Hi sgripman, the solutions on this server are very complex and demanding, but it is also a very powerfull server.

                  There was no problems with performance and the server statistics was OK.

                  Best regards