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    Popup Menu


      FileMaker Pro Advanced 15.01

      Mac OS X 10.11.5

      2012 Quad-core i7 Mac Mini with 16 GB or RAM


      I have a solution that has a Popup Menu that I have having an issue with. It uses a filtered value list and is set to store the ID of a related record, but display a value from that record. A common every day FileMaker kind of thing.


      It works as it always has in FM 13 and 14, but it won’t show the second field when I open the solution in FM 15. I have tried it hosted from FMS 13, 14 and 15, and with FMPA 13, 14 and 15. The only thing that is consistent is that it won't work in client 15.


      If the client is FM 15, the Popup Menu will not work to display the second field. When the field is popped up, it displays the list normally. It’s just that when you make your selection the second value goes away and all it shows is the ID in the field.


      It appears that the server version doesn’t make a difference, but the client version does: FM 15 WILL NOT display the second value list field from the selection.


      I tried remaking the relationship and built a new value list from that. The behavior is exactly the same.


      Has anyone else seen this? It might be the file, but to work perfectly on two versions of FM, and then not on the latest, seems to be worth bringing up here.

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          Benjamin Fehr

          there's a new function with value lists "Override data formatting with value list" which can cause some conflicts and confusions.

          This option should be enabled/checked per default to grant the result you're expecting. Testing showed that this option sometimes is deactivated after a existing solution was opened with FM15.

          I once had to select every field on every layout to check this option during pre-release period.



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            That's it! Thanks!

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              Benjamin Fehr


              Please have this forwarded to Dev. Dept.

              As reported during ETS: "Override data formatting…" must be activated per default!

              Otherwise, a developer has to edit hundreds of fields with his solution he created prior to FM 15.


              You should see NOT "Override data formatting…" as a option, where in 99% of all cases, the "override " behavior is what we want and what we expect to get as default.

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                Yeah! What he said.

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                  Benjamin Fehr:


                  When a file is opened in FileMaker Pro 15 that was created prior to 15, the "Override data formatting with value list" will be turned on.  Any file created in FileMaker Pro 15 will have this option off as default.



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