FMP Advanced 14.0.5 (OSX 10.11.5) - bugs list - when will it be fixed?

Discussion created by Sunray on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by TSGal

Bugs List


- Date Field: when control style is "drop down calendar" AND "include icon to show hide calendar" is checked,

     data is printed incomplete because the icon covers part of the date WTH?! this definitely should not be!


- using "send mail" and "perform without dialogue" linked attachments are not mailed !

     if unchecking "perform wo dialogue" it is working - wtf... makes it unusable for automated mailings (e.g. invoices, info mails etc)


- using "sub summary" in a layout, in "preview mode" the footer part is shown twice after the sub summary part!

     once empty and a second time as it should be! - makes it unusable for automated printing of reports etc



These bugs are rendering FMP unusable compared to older versions!


Hope there will be a bug fix soon - I'm definitely not willing to pay for an upgrade (FMP15) just to get those stupid bugs fixed!
Not sure if FMP15 is working correctly, didn't test it...