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Lasso 8.6 and FM 15, issue with searching on date field using CWP XML.

Question asked by ayescas on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by ayescas

I know the number of LASSO users is VERY minimal, but just want to throw out this question and hope for luck.  I already posted the question at LassoTalk and I also have a support case with the LassoSoft folks, but I'm not getting anywhere. 


Have any lasso users here been able to search on a FileMaker date field and if so, can you share your formatted inline?


I'm able to perform a search using non-date values like "!" (duplicate), but when Lasso searches with a date value I get no records found.  I tried using the date_format tag without any success.  I've been at this for 1/2 a month now and tried everything possible.  I'm now going to try this with FM11 and rule out FM15.....



The following lasso code is in the a inline, but not working:


'MeetingDate'= Date_Format:('MeetingDate'), -Format='%D'