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WebDirect long refresh issue in Windows 10 browsers

Question asked by submarine on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by submarine

I am testing FileMaker on a new Windows 10 machine before a company-wide Win10 upgrade.

WebDirect is having random long refresh (spinning wheel) occasionally.


In the last instance, I logged into a file on 2 machines almost at a same time -- Win10 and Win7 both with Chrome v48 and v50 respectively.

The new Win10 machine was taking more than 3 minutes to load the login box while Win7 showed the box almost instantly. Logging out of the file is also taking a long refresh!


I have to rule out following issues:

- server-related: the file is running on the same FMS14.0.4 machine, there is no server script running during that time

- layout rendering and db design: layouts and records should not be loading before passing authentication and other dbs are having the same issue as well

- browser-specific: subsequent tests with Microsoft Edge and IE were having the same refresh issue


These make me pin-point the issue to Win10 and if it is proven the case, we might need to find a solution before Win10 roll-out.

Does anyone have the similar issue?