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Auto enter numbers from related table

Question asked by Stu412 on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by Mike_Mitchell

Hi all


I'm putting together a report which is based on a scratch table that gets populated with the relevant data at the point the report is run.  For context, this consists of records containing values which can be grouped by description, totalled and then calculated upon using a percentage field per group.


The percentage field is populated INITIALLY by relationship to a default percentage table - each group of data has it's own percentage.  However, there may be cases where the percentage needs to change, so naturally I'm thinking about using a number field here with auto enter by calculation.  The calculation in this case is the reference to the related field.


This is where I have my question as things don't work as I'd expect or I've simply done it wrong! 


If I set the percentage field to a calculation type and reference the related field, my required values come through via relationship, but I cannot change them which is the case with calculated fields.


If I set the percentage field to a number type (auto enter with calculation) nothing comes through from the relationship despite the same calculation being in the 'Calculated Value>>>Specify' part of the number field.  I'd have expected this to have populated for each record of data so that they can be changed later.  I've also altered the check box 'Do not replace existing values...' but in either state there's no difference to the outcome.


What am I missing here?