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Filemaker SDK, App Store, and Creating an Update File

Question asked by rouelf on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by jfencil

Question to those who have used Filemaker SDK and have apps submitted and accepted to the App Store. My solution in FM Go creates a copy of the file and calls it Update.fmpur. Then we can transfer the Update file to a desktop, and via a script use it to update ( replace ) the data on the desktop file. That way the same data is everywhere. Vice versa, an update file can be created on the desktop, transferred to FM Go, and the FM Go file is updated. Of course this is not sync-ing. And No, this solution would likely never go on a FM server, because every individual has their own independent personal data. Would this process of updating files still work with an SDK solution from the App Store ? If not, how could it be made to work with the above restriction of no server use ?