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Am I correct with my relationships?  Please help

Question asked by theharrisonlee on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by coherentkris

well basically my situation is . Each job has a number of FORMS and each FORM has a number of STAMPS and each STAMP has a STAFF assigned to it .  When it is simple like this this I am ok with it.


The system is intend to provide the users the ability to view the records of the forms filtered by each individual job number , and the user will also need to view the number of stamps assigned to them.


however when it comes to when i have more FORMS needed to be connected to the system i get very confused . obviously I cant just the new form PO2 to the system without  creating occurences of stamps and staff . However I have many many forms need to be added to the system .




So here is what I did



well as you can see the new REGISTER does not  have a so call primary key it , but so far the system seems to be working .  But I am very concern that if it will propose any problems in the future , could someone please indicate me whether I am on the right track , or could possibly give me some suggestions to my problem.



Many thanks