Hosting an external database via Filemaker pro - sharing issues

Discussion created by nigeldunkley on Jun 8, 2016
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Im new to filemaker (never developed), and run a company that has recently acquired a database called tessera / arawak.  As the website of the company isn't filemaker itself, they will only give a certain amount of information with regards to establishing a sharing network to be able to use multiple devices.


They say that is I host the database that I make via Tessera through a copy of Filemaker on my desktop, then I should have the potential for remote access (even outside of local network) on multiple devices, as long as I have either filemaker pro, or go on the respective devices.


I have scoured the internet trying to understand this import procedure, so that my mother computer can host via filemaker, but I cant find it in simple terms anywhere.


So the question is how would I 'host' this tessera db via filemaker, then once I do, whether I edit that db in filemaker if I want to modify the contents? Or would I have to edit in Tessera, then upload new file every time I want the host to have the updated version?


Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer