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    Script craches filemaker


      I am using Filemaker Advanced 15


      When I activate a script, FM pauses for 3 seconds, then crashes to windows 7.


      This ONLY happens in a very specific table, does not replicate in any other (I have 49)...


      When I try to use the SAME script on an employee's FM Pro 14 version, it works perfectly... like it used to on my version...


      Another weird note : when I use the Script Debugger, and F6 through the script lines, it works and does not crash...


      Anyone knows why this happens?

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          what is the script doing?


          If you rewrite the script using FM15 does it work?


          As for why, at the worst it could be latent corruption, but more than likely it's something about the configuration or setup of filemaker that are causing it.

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            hello Mike

            I added this before you read my post :


            Another weird note : when I use the Script Debugger, and F6 through the script lines, it works and does not crash...


            The script is very simply searching for a simple string in another layout and changes to Browse... nothing fancy.

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              Hi Tim,


              I assume that you are using one of those versions:

              Windows 7 SP1 Professional Edition

              Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate Edition


              Is it any script that will crash FileMaker 15 on your Windows 7 or only some specific scripts?

              Is it only in one file or in all files, also if you create a new test file?


              If it is one specific script, can you upload a pdf of that script?

              Best regards



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                Try rewriting the script using FM15 and see if it works.


                Also, did you switch from 32 -> 64 bit when moving to 15? Sometimes that can cause random issues with my windows users if they have both a 32 & 64 bit filemaker client installed on the same system.

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                  No, FM14 was 64 bit, and FM15 is also 64 bit

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                    Have you tried reinstalling the software?  When things get buggy, that is often the first thing I try.  What version of Windows 7 are you using?  As Carsten noted, only 2 of the versions are certified for FileMaker Pro 15. 

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                      Hmmm, there could be a problem with corruption within the script. If it is very simple: Can you create a demo file, create a script doing exactly the same?

                      What is the result now?


                      Is the file running "protected" on a server or just on your PC?

                      Has the file been through a crash ... thinking of file corruption.

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                        This morning, it would not work at all again.


                        Then I restarted FM and I ran other script on the same table and it was working. I retried the problematic script, and this time, it worked...


                        I tried re-installing FMA 15. Same problem.


                        And again, the problem never happened on the other computer using the script...

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                          Are there any plugins on that workstation? If so maybe try removing them and see if that improves things.


                          I had a plugin go flaky last week and removing it fixed the problem.

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                            No plug in!

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                              I did a Recovery of the file.

                              Not working still.

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                                One of my users is having a similar problem with FMP15 crashing. This user is on a Mac Mini 7,2 running OSX 10.10.5. They are accessing a file hosted remotely on my computer (also running 10.10.5) which I have open in FMPA15. Our computers are both connected to our local network via wifi.


                                In this user's computer, FMP15 is randomly throwing up a "performing find..." dialog. I've scoured my entire database and could find no script trigger at the object, layout, or file level (at least none that calls a script, which contains a find or calls a subscript that would call a find in the given context).


                                One one of our printing scripts, FMP crashes at or near the end of the script, after printing an ID card on a remote printer (it only prints the second page of the card, too, which is really f'd up). There is a set of steps near the end of this script that goes to another window, turns off a "hide objects during script" variable, and refreshes the window.


                                None of these issues is occurring on any of our other computers, all of which I have upgraded to FMP15; I wonder if it might have anything to do with the fact that the result for Get(UserName) has a slash in it (the original user of this computer gave it the name ORGNAME/Username).


                                As a workaround, FMP14 is still installed on this particular user's computer and it works fine as it always has, and there are no new features from FMP15 in use in our database that will create issues with using FMP14.


                                - RG>

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                                  Hello all,

                                  Thanks for your input but nothing worked.

                                  The only I got my solution to work perfectly again was to UNINSTALL Filemaker 15 and reinstall FM 14...

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                                    Timothy Bentley

                                    I've been able to narrow down the issue to this:


                                    Start on a layout with a tab control. Run a script with enter find mode (pause off), and go to layout (anything other than itself, I guess).


                                    Interestingly the script seems to work fine if you start in layout mode or preview mode, but it crashes if you start in browse mode or find mode.


                                    Removing the tab control from the tab order seems to fix the problem.

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