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    FMServer 15 does allow the use of non-supported SSL-CA's


      Today I installed a new FileMaker Server 15 and thought to give my letsencrypt-certificate from my webserver a try on FMServer. Just because is has been made so easy now to import a ssl-certificate.




      It works on FM-GO, Webdirect AND on Pro/Advanced. On Pro/Advanced one gets the warning that FMI cannot validate the certificate, but the connection works fine and the connection IS encrypted. On Go and webdirect, i don't get any warning, which maybe a security-issue in the eyes of some of you.


      I am very happy though that for testing-purposes I can install virtually any certificate of my choice, which is for me "letsencrypt". And I've seen a few complaints here and there about this from others, so I am not the only one who likes this!


      So a big like you, for you FMI! Thanks!

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          Today Benoît contacted me on how I succeeded in obtaining an installing a let's encrypt ssl-certificate on my fms15. Since it may help others too, I've copied my reply to this discussion:


          Hi Benoît,


          on a FMServer it is not possible to generate a certificate via Let's Encrypt.

          I used mMy webserver, which is an Ubuntu-Linux server, for generating a CSR and obtaining certificates. It is pretty easy as is explained on https://certbot.eff.org . There you can choose your webserver and OS and from there you find the correct instructions on how to do that.


          After you have succesfully obtained a certificate you can copy privkey.pem and fullchain.pem from where they are situated on your webserver. On Ubuntu that is /etc/letsencrypt/archive/<domainname>/


          Then you open the FMS-console and click on /DatabaseServer/Security/CreateRequest. Then click on "Start Over", to clear any previous installed certificates.

          Then click on "Import Certificate" and browse for the fullchain.pem-file for the certificate and for the privkey.pem-file for the private key. Then click on "import" in the same screen.


          When you're done you can check the certificate by clicking on "View Certificate". That's it!


          regards, Menno

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            It *is* possible to locally generate the cert request (I just did) by shutting down the http server processes and using option 3 (spin up a temporary server) in certbot. Once the cert is generated, import.


            I think the difficulty is that the bot is both conflicting with the existing FM apache server and finding the non-used OS apache server and trying to work with that. If there is no server checked for, then there is no conflict.


            I hope this helps.

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              With FileMaker 16 using an unencrypted connection becomes ever more annoying!


              Today I successfully created and added LetsEncrypt certificates on both Windows Server and MacMini Server


              I used zerossl.com