History of FMP

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Hello all:


I am doing research into computer software companies and are looking at some information about FMP. Any feedback would be helpful.


1. 2002 Recession: during this period a number of software companies had some problems. Did FMP regress like other companies or did it do well?

If it did well, what were the reasons? Likewise if it didn't do well what were the reasons?


2. How did the advent of free online software effect FMP? ( i.e., MySQL)


3. What year(s) did FMP take off in the market? Between 2000-2007 what was FMP's growth rate ( %)?


4. Did the return of Steve Jobs to Apple in 1997, have an effect on FMP growth?


5. Microsoft spend an estimated 13.4% on R&D and 18% of marketing each year. Does anyone know how much FMP spends on R&D and marketing each year?


6. Approximately, how many people work for FMP; what is it's annual earnings?


7. Is Mobile apps the next big growth area of FMP?


The reason I'm asking these questions is because I can't find them on the internet.