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    email record with portal list


      Good evening,


      I want to send an email (button single step action) with the content of one record of my database


      I have trouble to include the notes I have in a portal (2nd table, related =)


      Oddly everything works fine, the button triggers smoothly, the email is created


      except that only the last note drom the portal is included in my email.


      How can I do to include all the portal items from this particular record in the email?


      Thank you a lot



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          If you only refer to, say, Notes::text, then this only targets the first related record via the relationship sort order – which can be different from the portal sort order.


          That would explain why you get the last portal record – it must be the first record in the relationship. 


          You could try to create a list of all related Notes texts by using List ( Notes::text ); possibly with some post-processing, e.g. Substitute ( List ( Notes::text ) ; ¶ ; "¶¶" ) to get proper paragraph separation.