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scripted find with multiple criteria

Question asked by keithstehlik on Jun 8, 2016
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I am trying to create some filters for a list view that work dynamically. Here is what it looks like

The fields at the top are global fields With a script trigger that calls the find script.

Here is the actual find script

It sets variables with the contents of the global fields than runs a scripted find


I used a case statement in the set variable to check if a global field was empty

if I did not do this it placed the name of the variable, in this case $Printer, into the find when doing the find. This resulted with no records ever being found.

When I place a " " in the variable if the global is empty it will complete the find request.

The problem is that two of the fields being searched, jobnumb and carrierId, can be empty in the records and if you are searching just one of the other fields only records that have a value in jobnumb and carrierid are found.


Is there a way around this? In one search 2000 records that should have been found aren't