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No HTML/visual/text editor in FileMaker?

Question asked by pasleeth on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by siplus

It's been a decade since I last used FileMaker Pro to send emails, because the distributed database systems I've been using typically have their own emailing capabilities and I use other methods besides (more on that momentarily).  So am I missing something, or does FMP 14 really not have a built-in HTML, visual or text editor to help users build calculations for a message in the Send Mail Options dialogue?


My present suite of email templates includes dozens of lengthy messages with heavily formatted, conditionally coded text and data merging.  This is all done courtesy of Thunderbird and a brilliantly crafted add-on, Mail Merge, that works in combination with .csv files.  I was exploring the possibility of doing all my communication directly through FMP.  But lacking a text editor of some sort, it would take me months to convert the T'bird templates into FileMaker calculations.


Any suggestions?