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    Strange Date display




      I am working on Windows 10 , Filemaker 13 Pro advanced

      My client: Mac - Filemaker Pro 13


      I have a solution where I kept the date in the format Month/Day/Year

      When I gave the solution to my client, the date became in the format Day/Month/Year (even when he enters the field => still in this format)


      Not all dates appear the same

      Text calculations including dates still appear in the original format.


      From what I know, Filemaker doesn't even have this option of having Day/Month/Year

      Even when we format the field date to appear as Day/Month/Year, when we enter the field, it will appear back as Month/Day/Year.


      What might be happening?

      Thank you

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          Have you tried using the script step "Set using system formats" in your opening script ?

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            No I am not

            I even tried to add this script step and put the set use system format Off but the problem persisted.

            It is in fact taking the system date format


            And what os more strange and somewhat dangerous is that the date field is displayed as day.month.year

            and the dates appearing in the calculation appear as month.day.year


            The sole solution might he to change the date format of the user's laptop!! ?

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              If it is easy enough to have the user change his date settings, that would be ideal. But then check that all the legacy dates have changed. If not, you may still need to do a data transformation on the existing dates into the new date format.


              Is is this a client server solution?

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                Yes indeed, this is the problem

                All the Text calculations including dates won't be set automatically!


                No he is not using a server solution

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                  with dates and times... odd things can happen... sometimes the only solution is to save a clone of the database, open it and import the records from the old one.