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Analysing the community speed problem - SOLVED!

Question asked by mrwatson-gbs on Jun 8, 2016
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Hi Mark,


it seems we are all having problems with the speed of the FM-Community, so I have taken a look under the hood to see if I can work out what the problem is.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 17.10.53.png


I am calling up from Germany, Europe ... and getting a whole *7* seconds latency, before anything starts arriving - a second later, after 8 seconds in total, everything is loaded.


Using trace route to see how long it is taking for my request to get to you...


Traceroute has started…


traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets

1 (*.*.*.*)  0.539 ms  0.463 ms  0.408 ms

2 (  48.740 ms  25.021 ms  24.404 ms

3 (  24.195 ms  24.225 ms  24.654 ms

4 (  27.802 ms  27.448 ms  27.440 ms

5 (  27.810 ms  28.122 ms  27.817 ms

6 (  28.409 ms  28.000 ms  28.617 ms

7 (  28.372 ms  27.790 ms  27.828 ms

8 (  27.901 ms  27.872 ms  27.784 ms

9 (  28.188 ms  27.348 ms  28.353 ms


...showed up three useful things:


1. Round trip time to and back is taking as little as ~25-28 ms => so the internet itself is not the bottleneck

2. => The MAIN problem seems to be the latency AT YOUR END.

3. Interestingly, you are using akamaitechnologies to deliver your web content


I took a look at the akamai website ... and discovered that they too use jive to deliver their community content, e.g.:


Announcing Akamai Ion 2.4 | Akamai

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 22.56.49.png

...and it seems to be delivered at a MUCH faster speed - their content is loaded within ~3.5 seconds... a much more desirable speed - but, of course, EXACTLY THAT is their job - delivering fast internet content!



Taking a look of the trace route to their website also revealed some interesting stuff:


Traceroute has started…


traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets

1 (*.*.*.*)  0.555 ms  0.320 ms  0.311 ms

2 (  35.526 ms  24.352 ms  67.331 ms

3 (  24.188 ms  24.309 ms  24.156 ms

4 (  25.395 ms  24.899 ms  24.600 ms

5 (  25.414 ms  25.661 ms  25.824 ms

6 (  24.942 ms  24.728 ms  24.445 ms

7 (  24.698 ms  24.381 ms  24.569 ms

8 (  25.278 ms  24.372 ms  24.273 ms


  • the trace route to akamai showed a very similar round trip timing of ~25ms => illustrating again that the internet itself is not the bottleneck
  • both websites seem to share a very similar network structure (*
  • => the two websites are ideal candidates for a comparison, in order to find bottlenecks in the FM Jive community


I then compared the load timelines of the two web sites using safari's web inspector in developer mode:




I have scaled the upper timelines to be about 8 seconds, and then windowed in on the page rendering (light area between the markers) which is then shown in detail on the lower timeline.


Of course the pages are delivering different content, however, what is immediately noticeable from the comparison:


Load-time~8 s<2.5 sBig difference - but feels even bigger!
Latency> 5.5 s~1.2 s (!!!!)

HUGE difference in response time!

Only FMI knows why!

Rendering-time> 2.5s~1 sBig difference here too

Network Requests during rendering

(indicated by the blue lines in the first

timeline between the markers)

White space between the blue

=> inefficiently requested

Almost completely blue

=> very efficient requests

(almost perfect!)

Maybe restructuring the script events

within the JIVE page could halve the

rendering time?

...more comparisons anybody?


I have to stop there for now, however I believe this is a valuable comparison, which can maybe help FMI find the bottlenecks inside their JIVE solution.


Further analyses may offer more insights, ... or maybe FMI can just call Akamai up (seeing as they are your content hosting provider) and ask them how they do it - they do seem to be the experts!


Hoping to help!