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    How to make a average cost


      anyone could help,


      How to calculate average cost of Sales and Purchases.


      See the attach Sample.


      Thank you.



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          Thank you for your post.


          I'm not seeing a file attached here.


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            Define a new field as type Calculation (result of type Number), and use the Average function, with either Sales or Purchases as the field to be averaged (replacing ASeq in this example):


            Calculating Average.jpeg


            If you're interested in obtaining an average over a found set of records, something you can display in a header, footer, or sub-summary part, you'll want to define a new field as type Summary (result of type Number):


            Calculating Summary.jpeg


            and place it where you want it. You can also treat this Summary field as a weighted average by checking the appropriate box and indicating what you want it to be weighted by:



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              Sir Richard,


              I appreciate your reply thank you. But sir I know how to make a sub summary for average field. What i need is a running average cost. Here is the example.

              Purchases                              Issue                                               Balances      

              qty       UnitCost       Total Cost         qty       Average Cost      Total Cost         Qty     Average Cost TotalCost

              BeginningBal.                                                                                                    1     1,332.55          1,332.55            12          1399.18          16790.16                                                                      13     1,394.05          18,122.71                                                                  10         1,394.05            13,940.55             3     1,394.05            4,182.16            4          1539.1             6156.4                                                                          7    1,476.94          10,338.56                                                                  5           1,476.94            7,384.69                2    1,476.94           2,953.88             8          1490               11920                                                                           10    1,487.39          14,873.88                                                                 5           1,487.39            7,436.94                5    1,487.39            7,436.94






                  1. beginning Bal average Cost + Purchased Total Cost = Balances Total Cost

                           13325.55 + 16790.16 = 18,122.71


                  2. Balances Total Cost \ Balances Quantity = Balances Average Cost

                              18,122.71 \ 13 = 1394.05


                  3. Quantity Issue * Average Cost Issue = Balances Average Cost

                             10 * 1394.05= 13940.55


              Please give me a calculation for this..


              Thank You.