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    FMP - ERP Solution


      Can you advise on results or solutions you have had using a integrated FMP ERP Solution.....


      We are in need of a solution that provides integrated  order entry, order processing, inventory, shipping, accounting, invoicing, etc.


      Looking for input on programs/solutions you have used for companies 50-100 employees,.


      Wanted to see if we can stay with a FMP platform vs going to Netsuite, SAP, etc.


      Appreciate the input and replies

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          I have not worked with companies that size, but I believe others have and FileMaker handles it just fine.

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            That's absolutely possible,


            We (me and my colleague) build an complete ERP solution in Filemaker with over a hundred tables (180):

            Customers, contacts, quotes, quote lines, sales orders, production orders, picklist, picklist lines, stock, stock transactions, shippinglist, sales invoices, sales Invoice lines, purchase orders, purchase order lines, purchase invoices, purchase invoice lines, planning board, machines, employees, users, privilege sets, design jobs, proofing etc. Etc. All in one Filemaker Solution.


            Some of these tables have over 500.000 records and with Filemaker server 14 advanced on a five year old server it's still very fast. To keep it fast we prevent searching in calculation fields, in the searchable fields we use auto enter as much as possible.


            It's build for a multi platform environment, the company uses windows and mac.

            We also build a webshop for the customers and a dashboard for webdirect, we used a separate Filemaker solution for that because of security reasons.


            We also communicate data with outside company's.


            We try to prevent using plug-ins with apple scripting and vbs scripting etc.

            The only plug-ins we use are:

            360 works FTPeek (upload, download, and manipulate remote files on an FTP server)

            Myfmbutler Printer Switch (easily control printer switching)

            Goya Base Elements (free, file manipulation)



            So, with Filemaker you can absolutely build an complete ERP System for a Large company.

            But we absolutely don't create spider webs in our relationship table, and that's very important to build such a large solution.

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              Sounds great but 500K records doesn't strike me as that large really - a company of 50-100 employees is a decent size so dependant of the type of business that could be reached within a months transactions.  Having said that after loading 4.5 million records into a testing table for my reporting solution Filemaker is still extremely quick.

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                We have a SaaS FileMaker ERP solution that does everything you mentioned at $49/month per concurrent user.  That includes all licensing, hosting, monthly upgrades and full support.  It can be customized though you'd then need to purchase different FileMaker licensing.  On-premise installations are available at the same price and includes licensing, support, upgrades, etc.  We can support many hundreds of users on desktops, and up to 100 on mobile (FileMaker Go) or our web (WebDirect) versions.


                Some specifics are over 280 tables, WAN optimized, separate desktop, iPad, iPhone, time clock, client web portal and WebDirect (beta) versions.  Hosted on Microsoft Azure.  Advanced UI/UX design...doesn't look like a standard FileMaker solution.  Integrations with MailChimp, Stripe, EasyPost, Plaid, etc.  Full payroll, accounting, inventory, production, orders, prospects, invoicing...over 80 different modules.


                You'll find that a FileMaker based solution is much more easily customizable and allows relatively easy integration with just about everything at a fraction of the price of competitors.


                Whether you attempt to build your own or deploy a solution such as ours, FileMaker is an excellent platform.



                Eric Miller


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                  It's used by over 70 FMpro users I forgot to mention that.

                  4.5 million records,  thats even a better sample

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                    jcull wrote:


                    Looking for input on programs/solutions you have used for companies 50-100 employees,.




                    I have many clients that (far) exceed that # of employees.


                    For me there are 2 crucial aspects once you get into the realm of say 50+ concurrent FM clients:

                    1) scrutinize your solution's design; look for any performance hogs

                    2) pay a lot of attention to picking the right server to run this.  The deployment becomes the cornerstone of the whole thing.  Doesn't matter if you coded the solution very efficiently; if it falls over because you put it on a crappy Mac Mini for instance, your solution still will get blamed.


                    In the end it really is a fairly simple value equation: can you give them enough business value for the cost that comes with it.