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    Email Plugins


      I am wanting to sync my companies email with our filemaker solution. We do long term construction projects which have many different stages  so multiple members of our team may receive emails from the same client. We need a solution where all our team's emails are available within filemaker and we can sort all those emails by client so no one is missing out on any communication.


      I found one solution which looked perfect - Outlook Manipulator - however they no longer provide a Mac version.


      Could anyone recommend a plugin / app / other that would suit this application? I would describe myself as having a moderate skill level in filemaker so the more plug and play the better.


      Thanks in advance.

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          why not have your email server put copies of all emails in a separate account.

          Than you can download those emails via IMAP or POP3 and process them to store them in database.

          This way you can have them all in a database.


          Copy of emails, so people can read and delete their own copies.

          Your database deletes them on server once processed.


          You can do that e.g. with MBS Plugin.

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            We have a solution that we developed for the same purpose (robustly archiving emails and linking to FileMaker) that we use internally.

            Using AppleScript the system:
            * Archives the email text to a FileMaker database
            * Make message folders (as needed) on 2 separate file servers.
            * Saves the emails as complete individual .eml files using a well thought out folder hierarchy and naming convention.
            * Saves the attachments out as files viewable though FileMaker.
            * Ties the emails to our contact management system based on the sender and recipient email addresses
            * Etc.

            Done using AppleScript+Entourage+FileMaker

            Took quite a bit of effort to code the AppleScript and set it up. Plus we spend time deciding which emails to archive and which to delete. This effort seems to pay off. Most of this email was based on text pulled from the email archive.

            * Possible portable to Outlook (although my first quick run at it makes me wonder if the Outlook AppleScript dictionary is wonky)
            * Partly ported to Apple Mail (started last weekend and then got pulled in a different direction)

            All the best,

            Tony White
            Tony White Designs, Inc.

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              I've been testing the plugin form 360Works for a client. I'm pretty impressed so far with it's utility and ease use.

              360Works :: FileMaker Email Plugin :: Send and Receive HTML Email in FileMaker

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                We integrate email in to all our CRM solutions and use Dacons MailIt. Very pleased with it and have had good support from them.




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                  Johan Hedman

                  I have used 360Works email plugin and there example database for years for this with great resultat. I can really recommend the plugin. Besides that I use BaseElements plugin and my company also use MBS plugin