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    Exporting & Importing records to a desktop folder


      This is a problem I've never completely fixed. I want to export records from an RT solution to a folder ('Export') on the Desktop and also import records into the same RT solution from a Desktop folder (Import). Hardware would be Mac and PC.


      Exporting to "Get( DesktopPath ) & "Export/" works fine. But when I try to import from Get( DesktopPath ) & "Import/" I'm told by the Custom dialogue I have set up to warn of 'no files' that indeed there aren't any, when there are.


      What is the most efficient method to correct the above on both Mac/PC and create the desktop folders on both platforms in the first place?

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          I'm not sure what you're asking here...?

          Are you wanting to "create" folders on the desktop, or are you assuming that the folder is there on the user's computer?


          In order to "create" folders, you could either do so via an installer (as part of the installation process) or, use a plugin to do it from FileMaker - I suggest Base Elements Plug in - you would need different plugins for Mac, Windows 32 bit and Windows 64 bit.