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    Hide Object When…

      Product and versionFileMaker Pro Advanced
      OS and versionWindows 7 Professional SP1
      Browser and versionN/A
      DescriptionWhen an 'edit box' field has a Hide Object When condition. and then a script step is applied to that field. The HOW condition disappears from the inspector bar. The 'eye' symbol still appears on the field, and the hide condition still works, but it cannot be modified or removed.
      How to replicate
      • place a field on the body in layout mode
      • add a Hide Object When condition
      • add a script step (even 'Do nothing')
      • click on the field to edit the HOW condition - it's empty
      • Right click on the field to bring up the context menu
      • arrange > Ungroup
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          Thank you for your post!


          This behavior occurs due to adding a script to the field. It causes a Grouping, which is why your Work Around works to repopulate the Hide Object When calculation. The group of objects itself doesn't include a Hide Object When calculation until it is added after grouping. However, the previous Hide Object When still exists on the field and should still work.


          I hope this helps, but if I have misunderstood something just let me know!



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            That is correct, but it took me a long time to understand what and why this happened.


            Perhaps in a future update, you could look at least notifying the user that their hide object when condition is applied but it is an item that is part of a group, rather than just leave the field in the Inspector bar blank, which I think is misleading.