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Discussion created by philmcgeehan on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by philmcgeehan
Product and versionFileMaker Pro Advanced
OS and versionWindows 7 Professional SP1
Browser and versionN/A
DescriptionWhen an 'edit box' field has a Hide Object When condition. and then a script step is applied to that field. The HOW condition disappears from the inspector bar. The 'eye' symbol still appears on the field, and the hide condition still works, but it cannot be modified or removed.
How to replicate
  • place a field on the body in layout mode
  • add a Hide Object When condition
  • add a script step (even 'Do nothing')
  • click on the field to edit the HOW condition - it's empty
  • Right click on the field to bring up the context menu
  • arrange > Ungroup