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    Scripting Field Updates


      I am looking to do something similar to the following when the user clicks on a button on the screen:


      "Update tblCampaigns Set tblLeads = tblLeads + 1 Where tblCampaigns.CampaignName = tblLeads.CampaignName"


      I have tried to do this by using Execute SQL and ExecuteSQL() but have learned that those are not the right approaches or I am not doing it right.  BTW, the tables in the above statement are all FileMaker tables and no ODBC data sources are involved.


      This script will also execute other operations and I there is not portal being used or permitted in the UI design.  Any suggestions on how to make this happen - would be greatly appreciated.  I realize I might not be able to use SQL, although would love to, but hoping to learn the best approach for this in FileMaker.


      Thank you in advance!