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What does "Get(HostName)" return, when evaluated as a part of a server schema script?

Question asked by Magnus Fransson on Jun 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by Magnus Fransson

Hi all,


I have the same solution running on two different servers. One "production server" and one "development-/training-server". Since I only want mails to be sent to the "normal" receiver when in production, I use the Get(HostName) funktion to test that the user is connected to the right server. (If not the mail sub routine exchange the adress for there own.)


Now I'm setting up a server schedule that is supposed to send a mail every night. I like to verify that it still will work as expected. That is, on the development server those will be sent to me regardless of what is in the adress field. And on the production server it sends to the normal receiver.


With best regards Magnus Fransson.