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    FileMaker 15 Client gets stuck in a Find loop on idle


      Product and version FileMaker Pro 15.0.1

      OS and version: Windows 7&8

      Hardware - Multiple Windows compatible machines



      We have been having slow downs since upgrading our clients to 15. The Server starts to spike in CPU usage on 4 cores. I used the Top Calls logs to notice that during the slowdowns, which can last for 30 minutes or more, at least one person is logged continuously for that same time period with a High Total Elapsed Time, and the operation of Query (Find).


      Today, I happened to figure out the person causing the slowdown by looking at this log while it was happening. I went to their desk, and they were not even at the computer, it was sleeping. When we woke up the computer, the user was on a layout, no scripts running, a single text field was clicked on to highlight, but the cursor was not in it. Quitting FileMaker alleviated the slow down. (Verified by looking at the log)


      This layout is in a different file than the one listed in the Target column of the log, but does reference fields through portals from the Target listed in the log.


      I was able to verify this behavior on multiple Windows machines, but not on Macs. They behaved normally.


      How to replicate

      Go to layout that has portals and fields from another file, highlight a field, and wait a few minutes.


      Workaround (if any)

      downgrading to Client 14 for now.


      log and video of screen is available if needed, but might have confidential data on it, that I might have to get approved.

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          I have more information to share about this:

          Some of the portals on the layout had an old work around for an issue with portal updating. In some versions prior to 14, portal updating seemed sporadic, sometimes when updating fields, some portals that had that field in the relationship would not update. To get around this, and not have to use the flush joined cache results in a script, you could add a cartesian join to the portal relationship and update the left side of the cartesian join to get the portal to update.

          I took out this cartesian join today, and changed the script to refresh portal. So far, things seem to have improved, but will keep watching during busy times.

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            Thank you for your post.


            I started working on this last night and just finished testing. I have been unable to reproduce the issue in my test file in FileMaker Pro 15 on Windows 7 Professional SP1 (64-bit) while hosting on FileMaker Server 15. Please let me know if your changes have resolved the issue. Otherwise, if you could provide a file for testing I can send you instructions to do so.



            FileMaker, Inc.

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              It appears that getting rid of the cartesian relationship and using the refresh portal command instead worked. We have not seen the same issues with speed since then.


              Thanks for taking the time to test this.

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