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    .csv import question ...


      When importing a .csv file do the fields after the first row need to be surrounded by quotation marks?


      I thought that if they were not surrounded by "   "  then


      c/o Smith, Night, Day & Morning       would foul up the import order. i.e. FM would wee the commas and think it meant that 'Night' was the next field content. However, that doesn't seem to be happening the whole c/o Smith, Night, Day & Morning is importing correctly.

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          what do your dialogs look like when importing the .csv?

          There is a choice of making the first row the field/column names. Those are not quoted.

          But, yes! for the following rows, the content (except numbers) needs to be quoted in each column.


          Importing by Tab-delimited does not have quoted columns (or comma-separated).


          A way to 'test' is to stop at the column/field matching and "scroll" through the records that might be imported (the triangle-arrows). If you see there is a problem, don't complete the import.




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            Thanks Beverly.