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Crash count?

Question asked by Extensitech on Jun 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2016 by gdurniak

Is there any way to tell how many times a filemaker file has been closed improperly? As an alternative (or addition), is there a way to tell how many times the file has been recovered?


I have a client with a production db that's been up for many years. Until recently, if the file went down (i.e. server crash) they put the file back into production, recovering if necessary. (They simply didn't know that recommended practice was to not return a recovered/damaged file back to production.)


Now, they are considering a fresh rewrite just to create an exact copy of the file, but one that is "pristine", and has never been crashed. Since this process is pretty much just "grunt work", they're considering outsourcing, either offshore or to an inexpensive developer. However, they'd want to be able to verify that a crafty contractor didn't just spoof the creation details of the file and hand their non-pristine file back to them with an invoice.


In my recent experience, the effects of improper shutdowns aren't nearly as devastating as they were in much older versions of FM, but still something to avoid. Outside of this use case, it'd still be of interest to me to be able to evaluate whether a file has been through some crashes and whether such crashes should be considered if problems arise.



Chris Cain