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Many-to-many-to-many relational database?

Question asked by jere7my on Jun 10, 2016
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Is it possible to set up a many-to-many-to-many relational database? I've got a handle on using a join table to create a many-to-many relation, but I'm banging my head against how to take the next step. Here's an example what I'm trying to do:


Say we've got a household of X people, a roster of Y daily chores, and 7 days of chores that need doing. I'd like to be able to put Alex and Betty on dishwashing for Monday, Betty and Chris on table setting on Tuesday, Alex and Dave on dishwashing for Tuesday, etc.. I need to be able to go to Alex's record to see all of her jobs for the week, and also to go to the dishwashing record to see everyone who's signed up for dishwashing all week, and so on. If there were only one day of chores, this would be no problem: create a join table with a Name field and a Chore field, chain all three together with relationships, and view the related records through portals. But as soon as I try to expand it to a second day I lose it. Any suggestions? Is this possible?