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    FM Deployed In UAE


      Installing FM Server 15 on a server in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

      Port 80 is blocked by the UAE and all web traffic is filtered as national policy. Port 443 is open.

      Will FM Server still be accessible without port 80, using only port 443?

      Users need access within the UAE, no problem.

      Outside the UAE with Webdirect, no access.


      I have reviewed all the Filemaker documentation but cannot find a definitive answer.


      Thanks for any guidance.

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          what exactly are you deploying? EG are you using anything that would normally use port 80? Where are the users connecting from?


          If you install an SSL certificate, you can indeed use port 443 instead of 80 for everything. But it honestly depends on WHAT you're doing with filemaker (EG filemaker pro users will need access via port 5003 to connect).

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            Only deploying FMS15 for exclusive use on a single server located in the users office.

            Users are in office environment in the UAE, LAN, all works fine.

            Users travel outside UAE, any location worldwide, and require access to the FM database using FM Pro installed on their computers. Webdirect will be the preferred method to access data over the internet because of the better performance.


            Thanks for your reply Mike.

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              Is VPN not a solution to the problems? Or do they block these ports as well?

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                Yes VPN does work, I tried Logmein Hamachi and that was good. But each user will have to install Hamachi on their computer for it to work. I prefer to set it all up without VPN so the users can connect from any computer with a browser.

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                  ok, needing remote (via browser) access. Got it!

                  if the port 443 needs to be used because 80 is already in use (presumably by a default website), then there are a few ways to make sure the users get to the FM Web Direct:


                  1 make sure the port is in the URL:


                  2. use port forwarding to get to the correct server (set up in your router/firewall)


                  • maybe use a subdomain: wd.domain/fmi/webd


                  • test the url for the fmi/webd in the DNS and make sure it goes to port 433 instead of 80 for these kinds of calls.


                  check with your networking people for more info.


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                    Hopefully this will help you avoid a problem we had when we swapped our cloud servers to a new infrastructure. First, no problem with 443 only, we disable port 80 on all our FMS cloud servers and wildcard certificates from approved vendors work find with v15.


                    We have a customer with an office in one of the UAE countries using our SaleFaith Insurance system and came across an unexpected problem that we had to diagnose and get resolved. The symptoms were that all our solutions were working fine, including this version of the insurance system when used within other countries, except for the UAE office where it was impossibly slow to use (I'm avoiding naming the country as when I did before it triggered the anti-spam here and ended up with our contributions being moderated, so there are some background issues you can come across when dealing with this area of the World).


                    We eventually identified the problem as a raw networking problem and it was eventually established that all network traffic from our client's office (presumably not just this office) was being filtered at a high level within the Internet. Our own infrastructure supplier had to request the removal of this filtering and, afterwards everything worked as expected.


                    The above problem didn't happen with our previous infrastructure supplier, so it looks like it depends on the route the network traffic arrives across borders.




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                      Thanks Beverly, that's very helpful.

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                        Thanks Andy, yes the region is a bit tricky connecting anything to the internet. It is possible to have some filtering lifted, but I found in the past that it's not reliable.

                        I will set it up with port 443 and see how it goes.

                        Thanks to everyone for the very helpful responses.



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                          Hi Peter


                          Just to confirm that we've had no further problems since the filtering was removed, so hopefully you get a similar result.


                          Good luck