Counting Main Records From Related Table

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I have a little problem I can't seem to figure out, maybe it's the lack of sleep.


I have a table "Clients" and a related table "Appointments" that are related by the fields Clients::__pk_ClientID and Appointments::_fk_ClientID


Using this guide:

How to show the number of related records | FileMaker 


I am able to count how many appointments a client has.


What about the reverse? I want to pull a report from the Appointments table, to get the total # of appointments by appointment date range, and then tell me out of the total number of appointments, how many unique clients there are.


I've tried creating a field in appointments for Count ( Clients::__pk_ClientID ) but it doesn't seem to work, it just gives me "1" no matter what.


Is there a way to find this out without using ExecuteSQL?


Thank you,