Help - screen goes white under Symantec Endpoint terminal server

Discussion created by on Jun 13, 2016

One of my customers are having problems with FileMaker 14 running on Symantec Endpoint Protection terminal servers, version 12.1.6608.6300.


The problem is that when you on the terminal server leaves FileMaker and for instance goes to Outlook or Explorer or any other Windows application and copies a small portion of text to the clip board - the screen goes »white'ish« when you return to FileMaker, and it takes from 1-2 seconds up to 15-20 seconds before FileMaker once again is active and useable.

It feels like the terminal server needs to load FileMaker into RAM again.

However, there's no sign of lack of memory og any sign of processor intensive peaks of any kind on the terminal server.


Has anybody encountered something like this?


Here's the set-up:


FileMaker server running Windows Server 2012 R2, Version 6.3.9600

     Filemaker Pro 32-bit 14.0.4 installed

Terminal server running Windows Server 2012 R2, Version 6.3.9600

     Office 2016 32 bit version installed

     Symantec Endpoint Protection Version 12.1.6608.6300 installed


Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Carsten Warnich