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Pasting a List of Items into a Portal?

Question asked by PeterTeneldas on Jun 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by user22862

Greetings, I am using Filemaker Pro 15 and have a question about pasting lists.

I created an Access database for my music collection, and am trying to recreate this database in FM. In Access, the main form has a field for Artist, plus fields for Timestamp and Genre.  Below is a continuous subform. 


I can take a list of items that I’ve copied to the Clipboard, and paste it into a continuous subform via the Paste Append command.

For example, here’s a list I can Paste Append into my Access database:


Artist:  Monty Python



Another Monty Python Record

Monty Python's Previous Record

Matching Tie And Handkerchief

Live At Drury Lane

Holy Grail

Life Of Brian

Contractual Obligation

The Meaning Of Life

The Final Rip-Off

With Access, using the Paste Append feature, each separate line in this list is pasted into its own subform line. It works perfectly.

I don’t see a similar option in Filemaker. I just see “Paste.” The above list would be entered all in one line, and not individual lines for each album. there a way, to paste this list into a Filemaker subform portal, and have each line in its own separate line? If so, what is the procedure? Thank you. Peter Teneldas