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Autofill of list

Question asked by sam0723 on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by sam0723

Hello, i am new to filemaker. I am working on autofill of list.

Here is the example of my database

(Student table)

Class    Name      Height

A            Alan         1.73

A            Betty         1.65

B            Cathy         1.7

B            Dave          1.8


so for the name field where it is conditionally value list based on class


The condition is setting up in a portal(for class table)


My question is could I select class A and then Alan, the height 1.73 will automatically be filled in the space.


I have set up a autofill table with nameid and name field and relate to the person table(id field and namefield respectively)

But there are nothing showing in the height field?


What is wrong with my setting?