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Connection to Postgress with ESS fails

Question asked by Menno on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by beverly

I am trying to connect a FMServer 15 (using a FMPA15-client) to a postgress-db with ESS.

I have installed the progress-odbc-driver as indicated in the help information: Which ODBC data sources/drivers are supported with External SQL Data Sources? | FileMaker  and I installed the actual ESS adaptor 1.0.3 from (for Windows)

I have attached some screenshot that clearly show that the drivers all work and that connection to the pg-database work, but the connections fails as soon as I select the "ActualTech" driver/DSN.

Does anyone understand what is going wrong?



In the manage ODBC 64-bit on the computer the PostgreSQL35W is chosen


and tested and as you can see the connection is tested succesfully:


After that the Actual ESS adapter is configured with the previously created an d tested PostgreSQL35W DSN:



That connection is also tested and also appears to work fine:



For your info, i have included the setup-information:



Chosen DSN:


Which is configured here in manage EDS panel:


So it is now available:


In teh manage database screen a new table is added and the specify-table does not react for a minute or so:


after which this error occurs:


I hope anyone of you can tell me what is wrong


Thank you, Menno