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Strange Face with FMPA15

Question asked by rickaltman on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by schamblee

I'm excited to be exploring version 15, but it began with a thud, not a bang: a strange typeface has crept into my database. In various places of an otherwise steady and long-maintained file, a symbol-like face named Z@R8BB9.tmp has infiltrated numerous elements. If it were simply that I had to edit my layouts a bit, I would chalk it up to an annoyance. But as you can see in the attached screen image, portal labels and tabs have also been assigned to this face, and I have no idea how to change those.


Any idea what is going on here? I don't mind doing a reinstall, if that is the best course of action here.




Rick A.

Pleasanton CA