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    FileMaker sometimes doesn't save my database


      FMP always used to save my databases (I had the preference set to "Idle time" ... by the way, what IS "Idle time"? I've never seen this explained ever, in all my time of using FMP).


      However, I've noticed that if I only spend a short time with a database - e.g. doing a new Find or Find All, browsing particular records, Sorting - and then quit, the next time I open it, it's ignored that recent brief activity and opens to exactly the same view as the previous time. 


      I thought it was the "Idle time" preference that might have changed so I went to "Flush cache every 10 minutes" (the shortest time it allows). That hasn't made any difference; I even waited 15 minutes to close the database, to make sure it would save. But no.


      Why aren't databases being saved after brief activity?


      (Using FMP10 in OS X 10.6.8)

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          FileMaker will not recreate a found set between close of the file and open of the same file.

          If you have a need to automatically create found sets you have to script it and leverage the OnFirstwindowOpen trigger.

          You can always use saved finds.

          You are confusing saving the data with preserving the UI conditions

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            Are we perhaps talking at cross purposes here? I'm talking about something very basic, nothing to do with scripting.


            I've use FMP 2, 4, 6 and now 10. FM always saved the file in the state it was closed in, for example if the last thing you did was to find a group of records, those are what you would see next time you opened the file. Yes, I do realise that regular Finds need to be saved as a script but that's not what I'm talking about here.


            To clarify - this particular database has no OnFirstwindowOpen step, as I'm quite content to view the data that I last saw. But that's not happening.

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              FM has never preserved the found set upon closing.

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                Is there, perhaps, an On Layout Enter script trigger for a Show All Records script?

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                  Excuse me? I'm seeing a found set every time I open the file!! But it's an old found set, and doesn't change to a new found set ..


                  .. but ..


                  Is this a clue? I changed to Show All Records and closed the file. When I opened again, it wasn't All Records, it was the old found set. So I found a new set, then changed one character in one field and closed the file. When I opened it again, it was the new found set.


                  Is this possibly a change between FMP 10 and previous versions, that if the data hasn't changed, nor does any user view including all  finds, sorts, etc?

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                    The only way to reliably open the file with the last found set of records is to script it. On Last Window Closed script can save data which identifies a found sent in a table. Perhaps Temp Data. Then have an opener script which checks the temp data and performs a find. Pretty simple. Otherwise you are simply NOT certain to have the same found set when opening.

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                      This is some very old behaviour of a very old Fielmaker version and I can't recall how it was driven but I have a vague relocation of what you are talking about.


                      The new versions don't behave like that and have not done for some time .


                      If you want to do it in a new version you have to script it as advised

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                        Performing a Find does not require the file be saved as no data or schema has been changed.


                        Hosted vs local files:

                        Only the Host can change the found set when it closes the file. If the file is being hosted and you are logging in as a Guest then your found set on close will not change the found set on open.


                        If you are the Host (file opened locally) then in order to cause FMP to save the current found set you must make changes to data or schema that must be saved to disk.


                        BTW, FMP has been this way for a very long time. But, it's really easy to miss it as most times we make at least one change to either data or schema or don't remember the found set on close.



                        "Idle time" is any time a script or user command is NOT running. Even in a script if it is "Paused" then it can be "idle time".

                        If you are editing a field and stop typing then it can be "idle time". Even between keystrokes it can be "idle time".


                        Examples of NOT "idle time":

                        If FMP is doing an Import then it's not "idle time".

                        If FMP is doing a Replace then it's not "idle time".

                        If FMP is performing a Find but has not returned a found set then it's not "idle time".

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                          Idle time is measured by the amount of time since the last time a record was committed.  Multiple things can commit record.  You could type in a field for an hour and if you haven't done something to commit a record, Filemaker Server will think you are idea for an hour.

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                            Hi fmchris,


                            You are referring to the behaviour of ancient versions of FileMaker. Since that time when FileMaker did have networking and server, but when most users where single users, on a local database the world and especially FileMaker has changed.


                            FileMaker is a multi user database and is best suited to running of a database server. Thus it does not make sense to let the next user open with the last set and layout. Many systems now have a dashboard or another kind of overview to start with ... independent of where you stopped the last time.


                            Enjoy the extreme progress of FileMaker from 6 to 15, it is an entirely different animal you are going to experience.

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                              Thanks for your reply, but in one thing you are wrong : FMP 6, which I used for several years, did behave as I described above. I changed to FMP 10 in around 2011 or 2012 so we are not talking about "very ancient versions" of FMP. However, I realise that things have now changed.


                              I have always been a single local user of FMP. Perhaps I don't really belong here? But please reflect on this: I first used FMP 2 in 1994 and have used it ever since - 4, 6 and 10. I have constructed some quite sophisticated apps in it for a home user, so why would I abandon FMP for something else? It's a no-brainer.


                              My thought is that maybe there should be two forums : one for the 'modern' business user, and one for legacy home users who still find FMP a very useful app for their needs, but don't have the level of enquiry that is the norm here and for which there are relevant experts on hand.


                              Thanks to ch0c0halic and rgordon for explaining "idle time".


                              Please also bear in mind my discovery - if any data is changed, then FMP will preserve the current found set automatically. Perhaps that is the difference between client/server and local systems : clients may not have the power to change data - only view or interrogate it - but a single home user like me always will.

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                                I too have been using FileMaker for a long time.  I started sometime in the 80's and as I said I recognise what you are describing but I can not be accurate about it as many years and many versions have passed by.


                                Please don't think anyone here is being abrupt or dismissive, there are people of many languages here to whom English is a second, third or more language and sometimes it seems abrupt but i can assure you having met a lot of guys that are on this thread they were not being dismissive. They are all advocated of FileMaker and certainly think nothing less of you for being a home user. We have all seen home users that have blown us away with the complexity and ingenuity of what they have done.


                                Because FileMaker has gone through many iterations and even now a new engine you will find many features that you have made use of in your ingenuity that have gone away or provide unexpected behaviours and your found sets is a good example of that. In fact there are things that are different between stand alone files and shared files. As well as Server shared or pier to pier sharing. A good example would again be your found sets.


                                That is why we encourage  people to open and close FileMaker in a controlled manner by using the open and close scripts to make the sites known . (Something that i was doing as far back as FielMaker pro 5 or even earlier)


                                If you need any help with this or anything else then please post. We don't bight, at least not intentionally or hard!

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                                  I didn't think anyone was being dismissive or abrupt! Just that my question seemed - as a single home user - a bit out of place but you have explained all are welcome, which is a good thing. If I want to see a new found set in future I will have to learn either to script it, or add one space to one data field to trigger a save. 


                                  FMP seems to have gone through many changes. FMP 2 was not that much more capable than the database in ClarisWorks. Then it became relational and began to compete with Access. Now it has left Access in its wake, and though it will never be on the level of a SQL system like Oracle, it's a very powerful app and much easier to learn than Oracle.


                                  Thanks all for your help.

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                                    Please explain "or add one space to one data field to trigger a save."

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