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Status Toolbar Fails to Update

Question asked by howarc2 on Jun 13, 2016

Since moving to Windows 10 back in the Fall, I have experienced strange behavior with the Status Toolbar. It fails to update to reflect the current view mode, shows the wrong record counts, and most annoyingly fails to update in find mode to show the 'perform find' button.


Most of the functions that are displayed incorrectly in the status toolbar do work when using the main menus. For example, I can usually perform a find or switch between layout modes.


In troubleshooting, the peculiar thing I have noticed is that when this occurs, if the toolbar is hidden and then shown again, it thinks a script is paused but doesn't respond to any executions. The script debugger doesn't detect any running scripts.


This issue is present in both FMP Advanced 14 and 15 and does not seem to be database specific. Restarting FMP is the only way to resolve the issue often times.


Has anyone else noticed this type of behavior?