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    Connect to filemaker server via proxy?


      I would like to connect to our filemaker server via some different proxy servers to see what the performance is like for our remote users.


      Does anyone know of a free proxy server I can try, and how to configure my mac to connect via proxy?

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          Unless the proxy server is on the same network as your remote users, then that's really not a great way to test.


          What would be better would be having you simulate the connection speed and latency based on tests from the remote user. The stats can easily be found on things like speedtest.net, which should be easy enough for the remote users to report to you.


          You could then use a latency/bandwidth limiter/simulator to mimic their connection parameters. Like this one: Slowy app | Real-world connection simulator and bandwidth limiter


          For WebDirect, Chrome has a built in latency simulator in it's developers tools (a great way to test slow users connecting to WebDirect).

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