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    Converted database won't open in FMP14


      I am upgrading a FM server and clients installation from FM8 using the fp7 format to FM14 (eventually to FM15). There are nearly 20 different database files which are related in various ways. For test purposes, I initially converted all the files in FMP14 (14.0.5) and the log indicates all the conversions went ok, however the most complex database which has links to 3 others fails to open. I try to open it, it asks me for the location of the 3 related files in turn, the first 2 open but for the 3rd, the file browser window only appears as a greyed-out box, i.e. no content and I have to force quit FM. I have followed the exact same procedure in FMP13 and everything opens apparently correctly. I am wondering if it could be a problem with the computer I'm using (MacBook Pro mid-2009 2.26Gb 8Gb RAM Nvidia GeForce 9400M 256Mb VRAM 10.11.5) but has anyone seen this before?

      Thanks for any advice.

      Phil Keen

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