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    [ANN] FMPerception 1.0 – Very Fast Database Analysis

    Todd Geist

      June 13, 2016, Newbury Park, California, USA – geist interactive announces the availability of FMPerception 1.0 for FileMaker versions 12 through 15.

      FMPerception – Analysis at the Speed Of Perception

      FMPerception is a new extremely fast analysis tool. There is no lengthy import and processing step. Just open a Database Analysis Report and immediately start exploring your FileMaker system. Look for broken references, find usages of fields, and scripts and layouts or search for any text string. The structure of your entire multifile solution is there for you to examine.

      FMPerception is so fast that you don’t have to break out of your development workflow to use it and you never have to worry about your analysis being out of date.


      Here are just a few of the things you can use FMPerception for:

      • Find everywhere a $$Variable is used
      • Find broken references
      • Use the free-form text search to find anything
      • Find differences between versions of a solution
      • Analyze multi-file systems
      • Export results as CSV for processing or reporting
      • Find where a field is used
      • Find all serialized fields and what are their values
      • Find all references to plugin functions
      • Find all uses of a standard calculation function
      • Find layout fields that are unstored calcs
      • Find layout objects that respond to script triggers
      • Find layout objects with local CSS
      • Find accounts with a blank password
      • Find which privilege sets can export
      • Find every relationship with [sort/auto-create/cascade delete]
      • Find out how many relational steps away are layout fields
      • Copyable styled details (suitable for emailing)
      • Find which privilege sets have restricted menus
      • Find layouts, layout objects, scripts, and script steps that reference specific functions (user-definable)


      Game Changer

      “FMPerception reduces the friction normally associated with database analysis tools. Not only does it quickly provide you with the answers you need, but it lets you build tools on top of it so you can come up with your own tests and reports. We think this is a game changer.” says Todd Geist, founder of geist interactive.

      Available Today

      FMPerception is available today, starting at $499. Free 14 day fully functional trials are available.

      Mac only. Windows Support Coming Soon.



      FMPerception was created by James David Ramsey of Hierarch LLC. and is published exclusively by geist interactive.

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          This product is nothing less than fantastic, I can't think about money better spent if you are a Filemaker developer.


          A couple of seconds after having the DDR ready, you're browsing through the whole solution, forget about imports lasting forever to start with.


          Do yourself a favour and give it a try.

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          • 2. Re: [ANN] FMPerception 1.0 – Very Fast Database Analysis
            Markus Schneider

            Downloaded it a week ago

            Checked it out

            Testet it with some of our solutions, during real work

            BOUGHT it right after the tests


            It's by far the fastest analyzer - it really reads a DDR on the fly, allowing us to use it all the time (other analyzers that load a FM file are way too slow due to the importing speed of FM)


            I got a DDR of 1.5GB in filesize. Took longer to unzip that on my SSD machine than opening it in FMPerception!


            From the first impression, gathering information seemed to be a bit -umm- different, but after using it for a while, the way to get info with FMPerception is smooth, elegant!

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              Markus Schneider

              Forgot to mention the support... FileMaker should look at them!

              Support is superbe! Last night a new version came out - it supports now foreign languages in 'standard functions' and 'broken references' - I was asking for that just 5 days ago.. wow!

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