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    Adding New Data to Existing Imported Data


      I have a database into which I originally imported a set of records.

      Subsequently I have entered records directly in to the database.

      I have several tables and layouts.

      The imported data is correct but I now want to add data which originates in another table in the same database.

      When I change the source of the data using the inspector (Display data from) the original records are blank because they do’t originate from the “new” source table.

      If I remember correctly there is a way of copying and pasting records in table view that preserves the original (imported in this case) data and allows new data to be added from other (new) tales.

      I can’t recall how this worked and would appreciate some help please.

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          You have several options for this.  If the data is in another table,  ( Not the same table/ different table occurence ) you can import it directly.  Just select the current file and the correct table.


          If it is in the same table,  you can export it to another file and then import it from the exported file.


          You should have it match on an ID field so that you update existing records, and then have it import those that don't match.  You will see these options on the import screen.