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Question asked by anoobs on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by philmodjunk


I have to Tables, Parent Table & Child Table.  Actually this is video gallery.   I want  to show some field from child table in Parent which is a interactive container. I tried a portal from child table in the parent but it didnt show any video. but without portal i can video one video. I have many videos in child table for  a single record in parent table.  I use interactive container because it will insert the video as a storage folder  but quick time save only as a link. So if i have button to upload video it will copy that current video to storage folder. If i insert the video as quick time i cannot open the same file from other computer coz it show missing video links. My Qn is


1) Is there any option i can show multiple videos from child table in Parent table without portal?


2) or can i insert quick time in child table container field and view in parent table as portal but can i use the same file  in multiple computer without losing its link?



please help.. Urgent!!!