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    Checkbox Issue


      Some of my users discovered that all of the radio button yes checkboxes quit working correctly a few days ago and I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.

      There are a couple of them that are assigned to a particular field and it is setup as a radio button, yes checkbox, with system default as the entry. However, instead of yes, it displays the words Signature and when you select the radio button, it changes the field to Signature instead of Yes.

      For those records that were previously set to Yes, it displays as yes in an edit box. Even though it is yes though, the radio button is not selected and if you reselect it, it changes the field from Yes to Signature. It shows up like it is supposed to on a backup from 6/3 and I have not made any changes to this database and we have not updated in a couple of months. I tried copying the field from the backup that it is working on, and it still did not work.

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          Well, I can't really tell from your description whether we're talking about radio buttons or checkboxes here, but I suspect the issue is stray data in the fields. Both radio buttons and checkboxes are merely interface conventions sitting on top of a text field. The data are stored in return delimited format, like this:





          Unless you put additional controls on a field, a user can select multiple items in a radio-button formatted field (hold down the "Shift" key), and can just as easily paste data into the field.


          To test the theory, take the controls off the field temporarily and see what data are actually living there.

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            Check the value list settings that populate the controls in question and look at the underlying data if the value list is set up to pick items from a table.

            As Mike said check the actual data.

            A radio button control set to a value list of "yes" and "no" will show empty ( nothing selected ) when the field/record contains a return delimited list of "maybe" and "somewhat". The data will still show maybe and somewhat but the radio button control will not

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              Well I've already done that. I have 5000 odd records that are programmed as Yes and I had like 3 that were set to Signature because we were checking the radio buttons thinking we missed a few until we realized that none were checked.

              It is an actual radio button but when you set it up in the layout mode under the data tab in the i menu,I have the control style set as "Radio button set" values from "Yes check box" and the display data from is set to my field name. The setup input method is automatic and touch keyboard type is set to "system default".  The screen shot below shows you these are the same fields. One is just an edit box, and the other is a radio button.signature.tiff


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                I still can't tell what you're doing. Are these two instances of the same field? I don't see any radio buttons at all.


                If you're telling it to display the field name as data, then that's what you're going to get: the field name. That appears to be what the issue is, but again, I really can't tell from your description and the abbreviated screen shots.


                (Hint: Use the "image" icon above to attach your images so we don't have to download them to see what they are.)

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                  Here are a few more screen shots. I just don't understand where the signature is coming from when it should just have a yes and how this suddenly happened on all of our radio buttons. It is the same field and it is set to a radio button. The edit box that correctly displays the yes and the radio button are both using Forfcheckbox.

                  Thanks in advance. Also, I am using the insert image icon at the top of this discussion and I'm assuming that is what you are referring to.Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 1.49.08 PM.png

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                    can you post a screenshot of the valuelist definition for Yes Check box.

                    Is there any auto enter settings in the field definition for DAManager::FORFCheckBox


                    You might want to post the actual file

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                      What are the values in your "Yes Check box" value list?

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                        The field DAManager::FORFCheckBox does not show up in the value list definition for yes checkbox. There are other fields but not that one. What is crazy to me though is that I have a backup on my desktop from 6/3/16 and it is setup EXACTLY the same way as the screenshots I sent you and it is displaying as it should. It is just doing this on the live database and it is like this even on the other backups except for the backups before the 3rd.

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                          I don't really want to post my entire list of the field names that are in that value list. However, the field I am looking for is not listed in that list. I have about 30 other fields in that list but not that particular one and then you have the ones that say yes checkbox and yes/no.

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                            OMG, I figured it out. Thank ya'll for your help and sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks.