Print PDFs from container by script without dialogue

Discussion created by on Jun 15, 2016
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The solution I am working on requires pdf files in containers be printed via script on the scan of a barcode.

To complicate matters the printer used (1 of 3) needs to be selected dynamically from record data.

These are shipping labels with different preprinted content or different sizes for different locations/services.


The deployed solution will be running  hosted  FM Pro 15  on Windows 10.


I think I might be able to make do with web portals - haven't had a chance to test it yet.

I could go to different layouts and use different scripts depending on data in records.



I'm developing on a Mac in FM adv 14 currently and the web portals are not rendering in preview mode.


I tried "send event ("avert"; "pdoc"; $path) but the printer dialogue was initiated and I can't actually select the printer this way.


I'm not too flash on command line commands.

Is there a suite of these that could select the printer for me (and other controls, number of copies etc) and then print the file? perhaps I could use "send event" and pass a calculated script (command set) to the command line?


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