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need help writing a name-code for a persons name

Question asked by johnleak on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2016 by jbante

Here is what I am doing-- I have a list of employees and I am wanting to create an employee code for each employee which will be the first three letters of the last name and the first three letters of the first name.  Seems simple enough-- so I created a field for the employee code and entered in the code as described above.  This setup is in a table called EMPLOYEES.  I now need to use this "code" in a table called TIME.  Even though the two tables are linked together with a relationship I can not get the code to appear in the TIME TABLE layout.  I have even went as far as to create another layout that shows a UUID number to serve as a primary key for the Employee names and then the employee code.   I created a relationship using the primary Key in this layout to a Foreign Key that I created in the Time Table layout, and still no luck at all.


Any help would be greatly appreciated